How we work

All our clients have specific needs and require customised advocacy. We start by working with you to assess the scale of your lobbying objectives, and the approach and methods required to achieve them. As soon as that is done, we will present you with an analysis of your specific case and a proposal of how we could work with you to deliver a quality solution at a competitive price. In urgent cases Meines & Partners is able to act immediately.

Our approach is based on achieving your objectives, not on simply working a set number of billable hours. That means our consultants are always there for you, providing support to your organisation whenever and wherever you need it: even out of normal hours.

The Public Affairs and Lobbying process is built around cooperation. Regular sharing of information is an important part of that. Meines & Partners will always maintain regular contact with you at agreed times, and will touch base as often as necessary to consult with you.

Transparent advocacy

When we work with third parties, we always operate in a transparent, honest and results-oriented manner. We make it clear who we are, who our client is, and whose interests we represent.

Our FAQs provide further details about Lobbying & PA.

If you have any further questions about our services or your particular issues, feel free to contact us by phone.