German-Dutch Journalists’ Bursary (JDN)Exchange programme for journalists

Since 1993, more than 260 Dutch and German journalists have benefited from the opportunity to take part in an intensive exchange programme: the German-Dutch Journalists’ Bursary (JDN).

Contributing to greater understanding, nuanced reporting and personal growth

By spending two months living and working in each other’s country the participants learn about a different journalistic culture and get to know a different social and political system. Research has shown that this gives participants a more realistic and accurate view of the other culture and that their reporting of their neighbouring country becomes more nuanced. The journalist exchange programme thereby contributes to enhancing standards of journalistic quality and integrity.

For the journalists, taking part in the exchange programme often leads to promotion within or outside their own organisation. Several former participants now work as foreign correspondents, while some have taken up a new role at their host organisation and others have risen to positions of greater responsibility in their organisation.

Meines Holla & Partners organises the exchange programme

Meines Holla & Partners voluntarily organises the exchange programme on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Rob Meines acts as general secretary. Thomas Boom manages and coordinates all the activities relating to the journalist exchanges. He is responsible for all the programme components and is the first contact for the participants.

More information: journalist exchange programme.


Objectives of German-Dutch Journalist's Bursary (JDN):

Raising standards Building networks Enhancing understanding  Gaining inspiration 

Enhancing factual knowledge, perspective and network: these are the objectives of JDN. For the benefit of the quality of journalistic output and reporting on each other's country.

Encouraging networking amongst participants is a priority aim. That is why the exchanges kick off with an introductory seminar and close with a reuniting of the participants of each programme.

The journalist exchanges improve mutual understanding and guarantee an enduring fruitful relationship between participants and their host country after the exchange has concluded.

The new environment allows participants to be inspired by new themes and to embrace a different journalistic approach. The journalists then benefit from their enriched experience back in their own country.