Meines Holla & Partners Germany

Thanks to years of experience, Meines Holla & Partners has greater understanding of and insight into Germany and German politics than any other Dutch lobbying office. This expertise is important when lobbying and conducting public affairs. It is also important that your interests are advocated effectively to German political decision makers and government officials if you do business in Germany and must operate under German rules and laws. However, the country does have its own distinctive (political) culture.

Understanding of political culture

The German political system has many political and administrative levels and players. The Bundesrat, the Federal Council representing the federal states at national level, has significantly more power over the legislative process than the Dutch Upper House, for instance.
And the political culture in the Bundestag, Germany’s parliament, is totally different from that in the Dutch Lower House. Meines Holla & Partners is entirely familiar with these distinctive characteristics and tailors its activities to take account of them.

Strong network in politics and the media

We have a strong network of influential contacts in Germany as well as the Netherlands. This network includes government ministers, politicians, civil servants, diplomats, platforms, scientific institutes and the media, and we know just when to approach which contact.
For you, with you and on your behalf.

Language and cultural skills

The members of our Germany Team work in
The Hague and Berlin. Their background and work experience underpin their in-depth knowledge of both Dutch and German (political) culture and language. They have all lived and worked in Germany for several years, are of German heritage, or have worked for German businesses in the Netherlands. Precisely this combination guarantees they have the right language and cultural skills to assist you.

Our working method

We can translate the implications of German politics for Dutch business decision-making and vice versa, and use these political interpretations to advise our clients on their strategic decisions and action plans. Our years of experience and expertise guarantee we provide our clients with solid and expert political advice.