Corina Holla

Managing Partner

Corina’s extensive Corina’s vast experience in the private sector is a crucial asset to Meines Holla & Partners, which she joined in 2005. She has been active in the political field for multiple years. Her business experience and personal political interests form a fruitful combination for her current role.

Corina has been co-owner of Meines Holla & Partners since 2010.

Examples of her work

Corina represents clients in a variety of sectors including the health care sector, the financial sector, public transport and telecommunications.

Within the financial sector, she is concerned with the interests of foreign investors, the Dutch investment climate and the corresponding tax measures. 

Within the health care sector, Corina represents the interests of large care providers, who are restricted by actions of foreign governments.
Furthermore, Corina opened political and official doors to enable a pharmaceutical company to hold major conferences outside of the Netherlands. This involved lodging complex requests with Dutch authorities, establishing contacts at embassies, talking to government members in the relevant countries and conducting official political occasions during the conferences.

On top of that, she actively supports several municipalities in the area of social domain and regional reorganisations.