Eva Nieuwsma


Eva Nieuwsma joined Meines Holla & Partners in February 2017. As a lawyer, her contribution to various lobby and public affairs activities is of great importance. She is able to observe new legislation from a legal perspective and look at these processes through the lens of her clients. Eva analyses political developments and supports clients in the preparation and development of lobbying and public affairs strategies.

Examples of her work

Eva is closely involved in designing a lobby strategy for a large international railway supplier. At the same time she performs several lobbying activities towards members of parliament and ministries, within the field of railway infrastructure. 

Eva provides assistance in positioning a branch organization within the leisure- and entertainment industry. She also monitors newly introduced laws and regulations and proposes lobbying strategies for a large scale provider of legal services. 

In order to achieve these goals, she has been actively following the political and jurisdictional processes. Furthermore, Eva writes stakeholder- and risk analyses and makes sure meetings with members of parliament and ministries are well prepared.


Eva read Dutch Civil Law and Corporate Law at Leiden University. Prior to joining our firm, Eva worked for several branch and employers’ associations, where she gained experience in different lobbying tracks.