Jan Hendrik Galdiga


Jan Hendrik joined Meines Holla & Partners in January 2015. He advises clients on various lobbying and public affairs projects, focusing mainly on German-Dutch clients and EU related issues. 

Examples of his work activities

Jan Hendrik is a member of the team that advises a large company in the port of Rotterdam on its strategy for German politics and public authorities. He is also involved in the representation of the interests of a German-Dutch mail order pharmacy in the Netherlands and assists in various projects for better and increased cross-border rail traffic.

In addition to his regular work, Jan Hendrik assists in the annual organisation of the Journalist exchange between Germany and the Netherlands on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Jan Hendrik grew up in the German Ruhr area and has lived and worked in the Netherlands since 2009. He studied European Studies and International Law at the universities of Twente, Amsterdam and Oslo. Jan Hendrik gained his first work experience at a think tank in The Hague, where he worked on strategic policy recommendations for Dutch ministries and businesses.