Thomas Boom


Thomas joined Meines Holla & Partners in 2007. He focuses mainly on German clients who engage with Dutch policymakers as well as Dutch companies with significant interests to be advocated in Germany.

Some examples of his work:

Thomas works for a large organisation based around Rotterdam’s port and industrial area, with Germany as one of its major markets. The differences between operating in the Netherlands and in Germany are greater than is commonly assumed and Thomas provides guidance for all the political and government contacts that are crucial to doing business in that country.

Thomas assists several provinces and regional authorities to plan and implement their positioning in the political arena in The Hague and in Brussels.

Every year, Thomas teams up with a German partner to organise an intensive exchange programme for German and Dutch journalists on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. More than 250 journalists have already benefited from the opportunity to spend two months living and working in each other’s country.

Thomas has a dual Dutch-German cultural background, having been born and raised in the German-Dutch border region to a Dutch mother and a German father. He read German/Dutch studies at the Universities of Münster and Nijmegen, choosing to major in political science.