Our Services

All our clients have unique corporate objectives that call for customised advocacy. Your organisation’s interests are the focus of our services:

Public Affairs
Coaching in advance of round table discussions, hearings and (parliamentary and Select Committee) inquiries
Feasibility Studies
Political Analysis

Lobbying concerns:

• a precisely defined activity
• taking place within a defined time frame
• with the objective of legitimately influencing decision-making or legislation

In the case of Public Affairs:

• the focus is on building and nurturing relationships
• ongoing strategic interaction takes place with political and influential actors

Coaching is about:

• preparing you well for hearings, round table discussions and (parliamentary and Select Committee) inquiries
• and getting your message on the political radar as effectively as possible thereA feasibility study aims to:
• identify and assess the various elements of a lobby for you in advance
• advise you on meaningful next steps in the light of this information

A political analysis provides you with:

• an analysis of politically relevant issues and administrative matters
• enabling you to make a balanced strategic or investment decision
• and advising you on political aspects as well as making a proposal for an action agenda

Transparent advocacy

When contacting third parties we always act in a transparent and result-oriented manner, with an emphasis on integrity. We therefore make it clear to the other party who we are, who our client is and which interests we are representing.