Lobbying is professional advocacy. Civil servants, politicians, government ministers and other stakeholders are engaged in a strategic dialogue. This demands specific expertise as well as an excellent network. The Hague is the hub of Dutch politics and national administration and is a familiar working area for our lobbyists. They understand how political decision-making is conducted and how it can be legitimately influenced.

When can lobbying help your organisation

When action needs to be taken within a set time frame because:

• existing laws impede the continuity of your company or organisation
• impending new regulations threaten to hinder your organisation

Then it may be advisable for you to engage our lobbying office to represent your interests. We have the in-house expertise to engage the right contact person at the right time and influence developments, with you and on your behalf.

How our lobbyists work

Our lobbying activities seek to strike a balance between economic and political interests, on the one hand, and the interests of your organisation, on the other. Public administrators, Members of Parliament and civil servants benefit from being aware of the different points of view that exist. That includes the point of view of your organisation.

We use strategic arguments that align with political positions to legitimately influence political decision makers and public administrators. Good timing is important in this regard: influence must be exerted during the phase in which decisions are shaped and made.

Networking on your behalf, with you

We continually consult with our clients during the course of our lobbying work.
We establish and maintain appropriate contacts within our extensive and influential network throughout the entire political, economic, social and cultural arena.

Lobbying: transparent, result-oriented and built on integrity

When contacting third parties we always act in a transparent and result-oriented manner, with an emphasis on integrity. We therefore make it clear to the other party who we are, who our client is and which interests we are representing.