Political analysis

A political analysis can be an important tool to assist you in making a strategic decision or considering your investment options. The political dimensions are often overlooked in this type of decision making. The focus during these decisions can tend to be on the financial and legal aspects, while political decision-making can also have a major impact on your business objectives.

But what about the political dimensions? Which administrative and political developments are likely to play a role in the coming years? Which regulations and legislation will affect the growth of your business? How will regulation develop in the sector you intend to invest in?

Support when making your investment or strategic decision

Meines Holla & Partners assists you in assessing the political dimensions of your investment or strategic decision by:

• formulating the research question together with you
• mapping out the short and medium-term political/administrative risks
• analysing current political/administrative developments and regulations and advising you on them
• producing a competition and/or stakeholder analysis
• working with you to define and implement an action agenda

Our analysis

Our analysis covers the following, among other things:
• administrative and political developments
• legislation and regulations
• plans of the government and individual political parties
• parties’ official positions and which views are developing in relation to them
• the key (political) players
• what to expect at the next elections
• opportunities and risks associated with possible coalition governments
• competitors’ position