Public Affairs

Decisions made at a European, national and local level, as well as the views of interest groups and general public sentiment, all have an impact on your organisation. Our Public Affairs work is an opportunity to work with you to create structured, long-term strategic interaction with political parties and other players in society. This makes it possible to identify at an early stage developments that may have implications for your organisation and to develop a strategic response to them. In your interest.

Public Affairs: alert and responsive to developments

Monitoring important key individuals and developments at a political/administrative or social level enables your organisation to respond alertly to the decision-making process in government and other organisations. This is especially important since your organisation may be affected by the decisions and views of different influential players, such as:

• European public authorities
• national and local public authorities
• interest groups
• public / consumers

We work with you and on your behalf to establish contacts and ensure your organisation is favourably positioned in political circles in The Hague or Berlin.

Monitoring, analysing, acting strategically

For you as an organisation, it is important to keep a close eye on external developments and influence them. That demands a very specific expertise.

We can monitor and brief you on developments that may affect your organisation. We can monitor on an ongoing basis any news emerging from relevant government publications, parliamentary papers, budgets, political plans and other news sources. We will analyse them for you and propose (potentially) suitable responses and strategic moves.

Building and maintaining your network

Having good contacts with civil servants, politicians and other stakeholders is an essential part of advocacy. It is important that you build up a specific and solid network and maintain it over the long term. Your relationships should be based on reciprocally beneficial interaction. This means you know how to contact the right politicians and civil servants, and they also know how to contact you when necessary.

Our years of experience and our excellent network provide a solid basis for this important part of Public Affairs.